Nicolás Arroyo Pizarro
29 años
27,5 Handicap
Mejor resultado en un Torneo:
5º (3ªcat.) VIII Torneo Boulevard Faro con 34 puntos Stableford.




We quote again in Meloneras golf in a very adverse weather conditions which regards heat, enjoyed the wonderful heat haze, so typical of this area.

We started as always the first place I visited before teeing off the tee, as always, Meloneras golf, does not disappoint us and we found a perfect tee in grass flush, giving the ball pichar taste.

The streets are still in the same state as on our last visit, ie, like a carpet, if you say that in some streets, appreciated some areas yellowish and somewhat hard, but we were more than 40 ° C and rarely would the field a bit from being affected.
Of the bunkers and the rough just mention, as it were in a great state, not being complicated out of them.

The only complaint I can put on this last visit is to the greens, do not know if by extreme heat, we found something hard the greens, which were not quite right our little balls that we would have worked on throwing, also reflect that the greens have been painted, because as we mentioned in the streets, there were some yellow spots.

This time the position of flags and the tees were in their usual sites.

Otherwise, reflect the wonderful care we received from the staff, who never named and how important and always so nice to visit us.

In this case scored with an 8/10



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+34 928.145.224

Paseo Boulevard El Faro. Local 34
Meloneras. Gran Canaria. ES 35100

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